Saku Hagita

Saku present 02

Saku future 02

Name Saku Hagita
Kanji Name 萩田 朔
Nicknames Hagita
Gender male
Age 16 (present)

26 (future)

Hair Color Tan brown
Eye Color Brown
Family Azusa (wife, alternate future)
Birthday February 29
Future Status Alive

Saku Hagita (萩田 朔) is one of the characters in the story and classmate of Naho's. He also gets a letter from his future self to help save Kakeru.  With the help of Naho and his friends, they all want to save Naruse before his fate.

Appearance Edit

He has short brownish grey hair and wears glasses, he is less muscular than Suwa and is average height. He switches to contacts in the future.

Personality Edit

He is mostly seem as a calm and quiet person. He likes reading manga.

Manga Edit

Relationships Edit

Azusa Murasaka

Saku likes Azusa but denies it. Finally, in the future, he and Azusa are married.

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