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Kakeru Naruse

Kakeru present 02

Name Kakeru Naruse
Kanji Name 成瀬 翔 (Naruse Kakeru)
Nicknames Kakeru
Gender Male
Age 17
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Grey
Family Grandmother (alive)

Mother (deceased)

Birthday September 14
Future Status Alive (main timeline)

Deceased (alternate timeline)

Kakeru is the main male protagonist of Orange. The series centers around him, his fate, and the efforts of his friends to fulfill the wishes of a letter from the future.


Kakeru is average height with a slim build. His hair and eyes are dark, and he usually wears the typical high school uniform issued by his school.

Personality Edit


Main TimelineEdit

In the beginning of the story, Kakeru is introduced as a new student from Tokyo, who ends up sitting next to Naho in class. After the short school days ends, Kakeru is invited by Azu to her family's bakery for some buns. He initially declines but is convinced by Suwa to go. After being convinced he asks if he can send an email quickly, which is later revealed to be sent to his mother, who ended up commiting suicide the same day. The next day, is absent from school and stays absent for two weeks, attending the funeral and mourning the loss of his mother. While that happens, Naho in the story receives a letter which tells her to look after him. It tells her everything that happens and what she regrets not doing. It then tells her that Kakeru dies in an "accident" and that she believes she could have saved him. Naho struggles with doing the things her future self tells her she should have done because of her shy personality. He develops and confesses his feelings to Naho she says she has the same feelings but both never claimed they started dating so they love each other but aren't a couple yet.

Like his alternate timeline counterpart, he attempts suicide by getting run over by a truck, but this time he avoids it at the last minute because he became afraid to die.

Alternate TimelineEdit

In the alternate timeline, Kakeru commits suicide by getting run over a truck while on his bike.

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